A Giant named China

Recently, in last five months China has been in news for all wrong reasons. Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic has blotted the image of China and secondly, the border tension with India is proving to be Achilles' heel for China with U.S.A finally finding solid reason to move aggressively in South China Sea and from the beginning gunning China for Covid-19 pandemic. But if we look at a series of events in 2019, it suggests that U.S.A was already aiming China but was not able to find a concrete base. The reason was the rise of the dragon in technological sphere and geo political scenario. 
The Rise of Chinese Tech
India and China

In India, Boycott China has been the buzz for a while. But this is not the first time that such boycott happens. Each year such buzz echoes in every festive season and eventually fades with the passing festival. This year the buzz has been on higher side due to the border tension between the two Asian giants. China is one of the biggest trade partners of India and India is a potential market for Chinese goods and in fact, Chinese goods and roared and grabbed a lions share in Indian market from small household appliances to large equipments especially mobiles.

2019: The base of the U.S.A and China tension

From the current scenario, it seems that U.S.A has been very proactive in helping India. The backing of India in China-India tension by sending troops in South China sea seems a friendly gesture. But, U.S.A has been in confrontation with China from the last couple of years with 2019 proving to be watershed. The acceleration of trade war which began in 2018 started to peak in 2019. The biggest move that irked the Chinese was the banning of Huawei in U.S.A. as U.S citing security threats and data stealing barred the Chinese giant from entering the market and compelled its allies including India not to allow Huawei in their country. There were equal response with China also banning certain U.S companies in China with the label of security issues and legal formalities. U.S was already irked with the Belt and /Road Initiative (BRI) project of China also.
Dragon v/s Eagle

Chinese Technology as the bone of Contention:

With the world bracing for 5G technology and Huawei leading the race (as it seemed), it was sure that it will capture the market and may had dethroned many technological giants with its superiority and network. Here, we have to admit that the Chinese has been well ahead of any country in the world in term of technological advancement in mobile and networking technology. Two of the world largest manufacturers of mobile phone happens to be Chinese companies. BBK has been capturing market in every segment of mobile phones be it the budget oriented mobiles or middle ranged or high end. In the budget segment, BBK is the undisputed champion. One might think that BBK mobile are never heard in India. to make it more clear, Xiaomi, Realme, Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo are all sub brands of BBK. Thus, one can estimate the hold they have especially on Indian market. Huawei has been the leader and torch bearer of 5G technology with Ericson and others struggling to get partners. Not only Huawei, ZTE has been also able to grasp the market as till march BSNL used to buy ZTE technology. Thus, it would not be wrong to label  China a giant in this field.

India's move

India should use the opportunity to upgrade its existing technology and make it world class. The boycott can't last long. The people has shown some resistance but are always lured by the Chinese technology rather I say price. Recently, during the border skirmish, a flash sale of Xiaomi took place and all units were sold with in 90 seconds.  This can be inferred how much hold these companies have on Indian customers. what India can do is to create an ecosystem to encourage more private companies and introduce world class technology in Govt. machinery to upgrade them to world level so that it may not act as burden to Govt. Start up should be encouraged not only on papers but on ground to create an environment of healthy competition. This is the only way to deal the the rising giant in Technology  named China so that such boycott are not required and people easily can ignore foreign products. 

Technological Giants:

China no doubt has the upper hand in many hemi spheres. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has allured many nations to join hands with China. The advancement in mobile and networking technology has already grappled the world and China in no way wants to lose that which is evident how it has pressured nations for Huawei. In term of Civil engineering, it is also pioneering be it cutting across Himalayas or desert or creating and laying railway line in most extreme conditions. China has emerged as a potential candidate to dislodge U.S in this multi polar world and is preparing itself for becoming world leader.


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