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A Giant named China

Recently, in last five months China has been in news for all wrong reasons. Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic has blotted the image of China and secondly, the border tension with India is proving to be Achilles' heel for China with U.S.A finally finding solid reason to move aggressively in South China Sea and from the beginning gunning China for Covid-19 pandemic. But if we look at a series of events in 2019, it suggests that U.S.A was already aiming China but was not able to find a concrete base. The reason was the rise of the dragon in technological sphere and geo political scenario.  India and China

In India, Boycott China has been the buzz for a while. But this is not the first time that such boycott happens. Each year such buzz echoes in every festive season and eventually fades with the passing festival. This year the buzz has been on higher side due to the border tension between the two Asian giants. China is one of the biggest trade partners of India and India is a potential …